Noel and Ross

Noel and Ross


Our farm story

Muah! is an alchemical offering born of love.

Ross and Noel are partners in work and love, cultivating and wild-crafting in Baja Sur.

Ross, a prolific farmer of organic herbs and Noel, a creative director, are damiana initiates, and are devoted Kundalini yoga practitioners. They walk the earth with integrity, (re)creating ancient remedies that serve contemporary life.

Driven to make a sugar-free and enlivened chocolate that stimulates connection, promotes intimacy and boosts health - Ross’s passion led him to explore the artisanal traditions of stoneground chocolate in Southern Mexico. With his herbal mastery, he blended a rustic, floral and savory chocolate formulae that celebrates the wild spirits of the Baja Sur with indigenous wisdom. 

With deep reverence for Mexican farming cooperatives and the traditional medicinal use of cacao, Ross and Noel set about to stir up batches of confections that tantalize the tongue and evoke the hearts expansion.




The stewards of Flor de Amor care about all the elements of our chocolate.

We are here to serve the earth and each other with reverence and oneness.

Our stone ground chocolate allows us to have direct relationship with our cacao farmers and we partner only with cacao producers who respect the rights of workers and the environment.

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Muah is…

- Low calorie

- Ethically made with Organic Certifications

- Sweetened with honey = sugar free

- Dairy free

- Gluten free